Homeowner Workshops - Learn to Sell Your Home

If you own a home or investment property in Baltimore City, you'll want to attend 1 of our Homeowner Workshops. We are full-service real estate specialists that have sold over 1,000 homes on behalf of sellers, and we share a ton of guidance with the homeowning public through our Workshops program.

Our Workshops are casual and in an easy-to-digest format. We work in small groups with the audience's interests that day somewhat driving the Workshop discussion. There is plenty of time to get your individual questions answered one-on-one; our Agents are happy to work with you personally. Text/Call us at 410.593.1399 or email us if you have any questions or want to RSVP for a date!

You Don't Have to Wait For a Workshop

We are full-service Realtors that guide you through buying & selling Baltimore Real Estate.